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I, Evander Holyfield, am here to defend your right to a safe and secure online sports betting and gaming experience, and you can bet I won't be holding back the punches when it comes to unauthorised access and compromised confidentiality! Like a good block, prevention is the best cure, and here at we take a number of preventative measures to give you a safe environment in which to enjoy sports betting and gaming.

Encryption employs minimum 128-bit SSL digital encryption technology to protect all financial transactions, indicated by the padlock icon. This is the same technology used by banks and credit card companies, so your money matters are safe here.


The website uses firewall technology, adding an extra layer of security as defence against outside threats and unauthorised access.

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All credit cards registered at are verified using secure lines/FTPs to prevent fraudulent activity. Your sensitive information is never shared at any point during this process. In the event of incorrect card details, the account in question will be automatically suspended pending further investigation.